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About Us

Ramsgate Advisors

Ramsgate Advisors was established in 2013 in response to calls from leadership teams and boards for a critical advisor to provide an outsider’s opinion on business challenges.

As trusted counsel, we offer a degree of frankness and provide an external view of the world. With 40 years combined experience, our Sydney and Auckland offices can provide clients with insights, strategy and connections to decision-makers and influencers.

Our Team

Rick Osborne


Rick Osborne

Bachelor of Commerce & Administration, Victoria University of Wellington

Rick’s communication and advocacy skills have been developed through exposure to a range of regulated industry sectors. Outcomes have been achieved in issue-rich operating environments including Air New Zealand, Fonterra, Fletcher Building and Māori Television in senior corporate affairs and government relations roles. He is comfortable operating in the te ao Māori world and successfully engaging with iwi and kaupapa Māori organisations. Rick has played a key leadership role in transforming the reputation of complex high-profile organisations, typically in times of intense public scrutiny.

Kevin O’Connor


Kevin O’Connor

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce & Administration, Victoria University of Wellington

Consultant at board and CEO/CFO level to public and private companies in Australia and New Zealand. Kevin has led the successful transition from the NZX to the ASX for several high-profile companies. His experience includes 20 years working at global investment banks in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


Government Relations and Public Policy

We offer clients an in-depth understanding of the machinery of government and bring strong working relationships across a broad range of politicians and government agencies.

Investor Relations

We help businesses build trusting and enduring relationships with key financial and investment analysts. Ramsgate’s tailored IR approach ensures that your messages to the financial community are aligned with messages for other key audiences including customers, employees and government.

Issue & Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is a critical component in the successful delivery of any project or programme. Clients value our proven experience, developed across a range of regulated industries and sectors, in successfully engaging and influencing a broad range of stakeholders.

Reputation Management

Ramsgate’s approach focuses on Purpose, Leadership, Fairness and Trust as core reputation pillars. The real value for clients lies with our understanding of which of these levers to pull, by how much and when.

Crisis Communications

Whilst we can deliver comprehensive crisis communications plans, Ramsgate’s clients know that when things go wrong it boils down to three key actions:

1. Regret; 2. Responsibility 3. Remedy. Oh, and do it quickly!

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